A selfie to say hello again

A selfie of Marianne wearing red heart-shaped glasses, with empty plane seats behind her

I do love a travel selfie – the plane didn’t remain empty for long!

These days, I have Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I can post a selfie or a dog picture in an instant from my phone. But it’s been a long time since I sat down at the keyboard on the regular for a longer post, to put down words that weren’t for hire. And that’s funny, since I got my start with blogging.

It feels like all of that happened a very long time ago – not necessarily in a galaxy far, far away but definitely in another world. I wrote almost daily over at therotund.com, and the network of people that I met, the network of people that resolved itself into a community, constantly inspired me.

I’m not saying they were halcyon days or anything. After all, I don’t think there’s ever any such thing as a golden utopian past. And I love the short-form social media that I’ve got now. It’s just that the habit of blogging, of putting my voice out there in an honest way, felt like a real relief then.

Now I have a lot more experience with the daily grind of writing for the Internet – and it really is a grind sometimes. There’s no time for your best work, and you’re often writing to spec. It’s easy to burn out. Which is probably why rediscovering the habit of blogging feels like a real relief all over again.

And that’s how I find myself saying hello to you here, getting that first awkward blog entry out of the way.

I’m still fat and I’m still loud. But I also want to talk about writing and potluck dinner parties and the importance of the selfie and what it’s like to sit on a train in the middle of the night as it works its way through the desert.

So I find myself here, and you find yourself here, and we find ourselves here together. Let’s do this thing.