A super fat in a black outfit topped by a pink mesh dress

Shopping at Premme makes me feel things.


When the second Beth Ditto for Evans collection launched, I was ready. I had a little bit of money I’d specifically budgeted for the international purchase, my alarm was set, and I was chatting online with other fat people who were also waiting to shop. It was weirdly electric, and even then as I sat on my couch in my living room, isolated by physical distance but connected by the internet and a shared hunger for something that was NEW, I recognized that this was a significant moment.

That was the feeling when Premme, the new brand from Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason launched.

Okay but more emotion

Server issues happened and were, I know, frustrating as all hell for some fats trying to get in on the action. I was all yoga breathing and determined to order just the one piece I was in love with. And, I mean, the photo at the head of this post makes it obvious that I got it; I’m not trying to create suspense here based on the shopping experience itself.

We get enough of that feeling based on scarcity often enough, right? Does the thing that we want even exist? Does that thing that we want come in a large enough size range that we can get it? Does that thing that we want come in a price we can afford? Does that thing that we want come from an ethical manufacturer? So, no, I’m not going to be all “AND THEN I GOT THE THING!” because if I didn’t get the thing I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Whatever, I’m old; this is what it looks like when I’m just real over some of the formulae that accompany writing for women’s media.

Accessibility of price

One of the things I really like about Premme is that Gabi and Nicolette have hit a pretty wide price range. You might not be able to get every piece (and, I mean, more power to you if you can) but you can maybe get one or two pieces to build a look around.

That’s always been a big deal to me, particularly because then there’s a tangible way to feel like you are a part of something that is happening in fatshion history. I’ve been too broke to be part of lots of things and I’ve been just flush enough to spend five bucks on a token thing and I know when I’ve felt more included.

Community matters

Also, to be extra honest, I’d love these clothes if I didn’t know the people making them but knowing that it’s Gabi and Nicolette does make a difference. I trust these clothes, or at least the process behind them even if a particular piece isn’t going to work for my style. I trust that Gabi and Nicolette are going to a) offer the best value they can and b) offer the best size range they can as well.

The older I get, the more important it is for me to put my money behind efforts in our fat community to support and serve the needs of fat community. Of course I’m shit at this sometimes; I need that Torrid clearance section, too. But the more fat people serving fat people there are, the happier I am. (Gabi and Nicolette are not the first people to do this – I’m not implying they are.)


Premme offers sizes that range from 0 to 6.

I can’t actually buy a pair of pants at Lane Bryant because the waist measurement of their pants does not accommodate me. I wear a 28/30.

At Premme, I’m a 4.

That means that their clothes are accessible to a wider range of fat bodies and that is so goddamn meaningful. I don’t need a lot of words for that.

Styling it for every day

Not all collections are for everyone, of course. Maybe Premme isn’t your thing and you’re, like, “Oh, that’s not work appropriate for me.” I can hear that. It’s not really work appropriate for me either; I spent most of my 30s wearing only work appropriate things though and hated getting dressed more and more so I’m advocating for buying some fun stuff, y’all.

The Premme Instagram account is actually full of great everyday looks in addition to the editorial style shots.

Also their IG has previews of the next collection.


Why, yes, I AM getting ready for the fall launch. There’s a mesh top that I’m really invested in buying.

So this is your notice, if you haven’t noticed, that you should be ready. Some of us are going to be setting our alarms and waiting together, ready and feeling that weirdly electric moment. Feel free to join us.